Apply For a USA Tourist Visa for India Citizens | 7 Important points to Apply USA Visa

What is the process to Apply for a USA Tourist Visa for India Citizens, The visa application process can be long and complicated, but if you follow the instructions and fill out your information accurately, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be granted a visa to visit the USA. USA visas are given out to citizens of India who want to enter the country temporarily, with the most common types being tourist visas and business visas.


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In order to apply for an USA tourist visa, you must have an invitation letter from the hosts in America or proof that you have booked your accommodation there, along with a valid passport and two passport-sized photos.

In India, the process to apply for USA tourist visa varies depending on how you want to go to the United States, but there are always steps in common such as getting a medical examination done, submitting your application and appearing at an interview before the consular officer.

It may seem like there are many things to do and it’s complex, but this guide will help you through each step of the process so that you don’t miss anything important.

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What is the process to Apply for a USA Tourist Visa for India Citizens?


In order to visit the United States of America (USA), you need to apply for an USA visa, also known as the USA tourist visa. USA visas are issued by the Bureau of Consular Affairs and Citizens Services in the Department of State and can be obtained through four different channels, depending on your reason for travel and your specific situation. You need to apply for a USA visa if you plan to visit America as a tourist, businessperson, student or in another capacity that requires you to cross their borders.

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USA Tourist Visa for India Citizens
USA Tourist Visa for India Citizens

Step 1: Apply for Indian Passport

In order to apply for US visa, Indian citizens are required to have an Indian passport. Once you have applied for an Indian passport, it will take some time in order to be processed. If your application has been approved, you will be given a passport, which can only be used when traveling internationally. This does not include domestic travel within India. Because of these international travel requirements, applicants must submit proof of their application for an Indian passport with their visa application or risk having their request denied.

Step 2: Choose your US Visa Type

There are different types of US visa, such as B1/B2 or L1 visas. You can find more information about these and other types of visas on our Types of Visas page. You should also check with your company or school to see if they have specific requirements. (Tip: If you are traveling outside of India, then it’s easier to apply for a B1/B2 business and tourism visa.)


Step 3: Fill out DS 160 Form

According to US Immigration, there are specific rules & regulations when filling out DS 160 form, It asks all details which require to be provided by applicant. This Form will help you to apply quickly and easily. If you are qualified enough, you can fill out DS 160 online or get it downloaded from here Link to Download.

Do make sure that you follow every single rule and regulations before applying for USA visa as no plea on your own would work if found violating any rules set by Immigration Office.

Step 4: Pay Fees & Submit DS 160 Form

To Apply for an USA visa, get it’s application form from their website after carefully reading all instructions provided on Department of State’s site. For getting printout of visa application form, candidate are required to enter their personal information, details about nearest embassy/consulate and country information by providing necessary details like name of country, location, etc.

An important note here is that all application forms and instructions will differ depending upon what type of visa they are applying. While most consulates ask you not send any documents unless specifically asked to do so.


Step 5: Obtain Printout from Department of State Website

Apply for visa online (Department of State) and get printout from their website (Department of State). You will be required to fill-in some fields including personal details such as name, address, and telephone number, contact details such as email ID, passport details with validity and duration, purpose of visit. Your contact details must match with your passport. otherwise you may not be eligible to apply for a US visa online.

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So you are advised not to provide any false information during filling up these details. After entering all these relevant information, at last you will have an option to upload your signature in .pdf format. It will be visible later on while finalizing your application on Department of State website as well.

Step 6: Plan your Trip to US

Once you have applied successfully for a US tourist visa, it’s time to plan your trip. Depending on where you are coming from, planning may not be as simple as hopping on a plane. If you are flying in from Europe or Asia, there may be two stages of planning: first decide how you want to travel to get there and then make all of your travel arrangements.

If you are entering through one of many South American countries that has an agreement with U.S., it can often require less pre-planning than other destinations, but if not, it might also include going through an intermediary country (such as Guatemala) and securing both tourist visas (if needed) and onward transportation before getting on your way.

Step 7: Final Checklist before leaving India

After finishing all your task, ensure that you have at least $2000 US Dollars in cash and an internationally accepted credit card. At least three copies of each set of Documents that you would submit should be made. Get a proper translation of your original documents from Notary Public or Document Translation Agency as required by Embassy.

Some countries require tourist visa applicants to provide printed, written descriptions of their planned trip in addition to their passports and photos. Although it isn’t necessary, it may be helpful when applying at some embassies or consulates: The best way to organize your material so it can be easily referenced is with an accordion file with both sides opened up.


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