The most beautiful places in Kiev | Top 10 Beautiful place in Kiev Ukraine.

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, having existed since the 5th century B.C., when it was founded by Greek settlers as their Black Sea port town known as Kyiv or Kiiv. As one of the largest cities in Europe, Kiev offers an incredible diversity of culture, architecture, and entertainment that reflects its long history, with plenty to see even on a short trip. Here are 10 top things to do in Kiev to experience all of what this historic city has to offer! Today we will discuss The most beautiful places in Kiev.


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What is the weather like in Kyiv?

The city experiences a moderate continental climate that can sometimes be cold in winter and hot in summer. There are more than 300 sunny days in a year with an average temperature of 16 °C (61 °F). The highest temperature ever recorded was 40.5 °C (105.1 °F) on August 19, 2010 during the catastrophic heat wave affecting most of Eastern Europe at that time; on January 24th 1986 saw a record low of −36°C (−33°F). Summers can sometimes see extended periods of high temperatures interrupted by rain or even storms and winters usually bring clear nights but with cold spells. Spring tends to be fairly cool and often rainy while autumn varies between warm yet rainless periods and cold rainy days.

The most beautiful places in Kiev.

As a European capital city with a population of more than 3 million people (and still growing), Kyiv has plenty to offer—including wonderful places to visit. When you stay at one of our hotels in Kyiv Ukraine, there are many attractions nearby and within easy reach.

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Kiev (or Kyiv) has been the capital of Ukraine since its founding in the 10th century, and it’s only grown more beautiful and full of historical significance since then. From ancient palaces to world-class museums to stunning cathedrals and mosques, Kiev has plenty to do and see in every corner of its city limits. To help you plan your trip to Ukraine’s capital, we’ve compiled our list of the top 10 things to do in Kiev so you can enjoy everything the city has to offer when you visit!

1) St Sophia’s Cathedral

The most beautiful places in Kiev

No visit to Kiev is complete without a tour of St. Sophia’s Cathedral, officially known as the Cathedral of Holy Wisdom. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s one of Ukraine’s most historic landmarks and dates back more than 1,000 years. One of its most notable features is a gilded dome that once served as a model for many other Byzantine-style churches throughout Eastern Europe. During your visit you can also view a centuries-old tapestry depicting an ancient biblical story or even attend one of its frequent concerts or lectures on local culture.

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2) Mariinsky Park

Mariinsky Park has a strange history. A fun fact? It was once used as a cemetery during World War II and was eventually closed off due to safety concerns! Today, it’s home to a variety of entertainment facilities, including restaurants, ice skating rinks, cinema and more. Notable nearby buildings include The Kiev Circus (formerly The Stalin Ice Palace) and Maidan Nezalezhnosti. If you want a place that offers great views of Kiev city with some unusual history thrown in for good measure, Mariinsky Park is your best bet.

3) Andriyivsky Uzviz

The most beautiful places in Kiev

This is one of Kiev’s most historical streets and for good reason. It connects two of Ukraine’s most iconic sites, St. Sophia’s Cathedral and Andriyivsky Uzviz, or Andrew’s Descent. The stairs themselves were built in 1692 by Andrew Porphyrogenitus, hence their name, and wind down from Bessarabska Ploshcha (Bessarabia Square) all they way to Kontraktova Ploshcha (Contract Square). At its peak sits an equestrian statue of Prince Mykhailo Zaliznytsky with an amazing view of Kiev below.

4) Desyatinnaya St

Stroll down Desyatinnaya St, a pedestrian-only street lined with high-end shops and charming cafes. This walkable street connects two of Kiev’s most famous attractions: Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) and St. Sophia’s Cathedral. For a more extensive list of attractions and things to do in Kiev, check out our Top 10 list below.

5) Vydubetsky Monastery

The most beautiful places in Kiev

Kiev’s Vydubetsky Monastery, just like Kiev itself, has a history dating back several centuries. The main church of Ivan and Alyosha Kovalevsky, famous Russian Orthodox saints, was built by Empress Elizabeth I (the daughter of Peter The Great) for her son’s baptism. There are also interesting cloisters and cathedrals surrounded by ancient cedar trees. A walk along these leafy green avenues is an ideal way to spend a couple of hours in Kiev with your friends and loved ones. All facilities of Vydubetsky Monastery can be visited from 8:00 am till 7:00 pm daily without any additional payment.

6) Podil District

a neighborhood of Kiev located on a spit of land at confluence of Dnipro and Desna Rivers. Formerly Podil was a separate island that had access only by wooden bridges or boats but now there is solid ground connection from all sides and Podil is an integral part of Kiev. Podil, translated as bottom or under, is named after its position at low-lying land near where two rivers meet, just below Kontraktova Ploshcha in central Kiev. The district boasts one of the oldest surviving architectural ensembles in Ukrainian history and remains an important place for artists, musicians, writers and students who enjoy a bohemian atmosphere.

7) Pechersk Lavra

The most beautiful places in Kiev

Pechersk Lavra is a historic monastery overlooking downtown Kiev. Dating back to 1015, Pechersk was once a fortified city within Kiev. It is most famous for its spectacular collection of Orthodox churches and monasteries, including St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Cathedral—the largest gold-domed church in Eastern Europe. The site can get quite busy with visitors, but it offers some of Kiev’s best views of nearby landmarks and natural landscapes.

8) National Museum of Russian Art

This is a must-see museum for anyone visiting Kiev. Located in one of Kyiv’s most lavish districts, along with being right next door to St. Sophia Cathedral, it boasts a collection that rivals some of Moscow’s best art museums. With five separate exhibition halls, you can easily spend half a day wandering through Russian painting, sculpture and various artistic artifacts – all located within walking distance from Independence Square. Be sure to check out their schedule and don’t miss their free guided tours (in English) at 2 p.m., 3 p.m., 4 p.m., 5 p.m., 6 p.m. or 7 p.m.

9) Freedom Square

One of Kiev’s most famous sites, Freedom Square is often crowded with tourists and street performers. But it’s easy to get a picture-perfect shot if you visit early or late when there are few other people around. As one of Ukraine’s landmarks, it also serves as a cultural hub for Kievan nightlife; restaurants, cafes and bars line its sides and there are always live concerts at night. It was built in 1876 as a tribute to Kievans who died fighting for independence from Imperial Russia. In Soviet times, it was known as Lenin Square but was later renamed after Ukrainian independence.

10) Bessarabska Square

The most beautiful places in Kiev

Bessarabska Square is a large square located near Kiev’s city center. Not only is it one of Ukraine’s largest squares, but it also houses numerous shopping and entertainment venues that attract tourists from all over Ukraine and beyond. Bessarabska is also an important transportation hub; you can catch a bus or marshrutka (private minibus) to any part of Kiev from here.

What are the best hotels in Kyiv?

If you’re interested in traveling to Kyiv, it’s important to plan ahead of time and find a place that suits your needs. Luckily, there are many different kinds of accommodations available. You can stay in a 5-star luxury resort if you want or a homey boutique if you prefer an intimate experience. Either way you’ll find a wide variety of options for every kind of budget.

If you are planning a visit to Kyiv in Ukraine, you will want an ideal place for you and your family. The travel site triphobo recently listed what they believe are some of the best hotels in Kyiv. They mention that all these hotels offer cleanliness and comfort while also providing visitors with convenient access to activities.

This includes restaurants, shopping centers, grocery stores and places where you can take guided tours throughout their city. If you plan on visiting soon then be sure to check out these hotels!

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