Mata Vaishno Devi Tourism Guide | Mata Vaishno Devi Darshan

Mata Vaishno Devi Tourism Guide
About the place.

Vaishno Devi temple is situated at Trikuta Mountain, Jammu. This is one of the most famous pilgrimages of India. This place is widely visited throughout the year.The sacred temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Mata Vaishno Devi. Every year lakhs of pilgrims visit the place which has given a major boost to Kashmir tourism.

The location is so breathtaking that anyone would be amazed to be here. A spiritual bliss and positive vibe  are what you get here in addition to darshan of Mata Vaishno Devi.

The journey of Vaishno devi is a journey of faith through difficult terrain. The journey is tenacious but also worth experiencing.

The shrine is at 5,300 ft and 13 km from Katra. You will get to see amazing side scenes throughout it. Besides the temple itself, there are some places near the vicinity which are explorable. Let’s go.


Right Time to visit.

Tourists visit Vaishno Devi throughout the year. The most favorable time to visit is summer. Try to carry the right attire.

The weather is just perfect on-mountain during summer. In monsoon or winter weather often changes. On special days the place is very crowded.
In Navratri, during summer vacation many people visit here. So the waiting is usually longer. One needs to register himself for the yatra.
At Katra, the registration is done. With the registration slip, he has to cross the first check post at Banganga within 6 hours.

How to go.

By air.

Sarwari airport is the nearest airport to Katra. It is located in Jammu. The air Terminal is well connected to the major cities of India. From Jammu, Katra is 48km away. You can take a taxi or transport Buses to arrive at the destination. Katra is the base camp of Vaishno Devi. From this place, you can trek some 13 km up to the ‘Mata ka Bhawan’. Or avail a helicopter service.

By Rail.

The closest railway station is Katra railway station. It has good connectivity with the important cities of the country. Many traveler trains handle from various pieces of the country.Railway allots special trains during the peak season of summer and holidays. Some superfast trains ply on that route. From New Delhi, it takes one night to reach Jammu. 

By road.

Katra is pretty well connected by roads. National Highway Number 1A passes through Jammu towards Shrinagar. Buses go regularly to the neighboring cities. Once you reach by bus, you need to cover 13 km by walk or by helicopter. 

Those who are using air or rail transport have to break the journey at Jammu. From there they select an alternative mode of transport.
Vaishno 2BDevi 2BRoad


Where to stay and eat.

Arrange accommodation in advance. There are dharma shalas, private hotels, budget hotels, and tourist accommodations available in Katra. ‘Shree mata vaishno devi shrine board’ offers rented rooms for pilgrims. 
They require an advance booking. Yatri nivas, shakti bhawan, vaishnavi Dham, Trikuta bhawan, saraswati Dham are some of the known places to stay.
Mineral water and dry foods are available along the way. You will get tea, cold drinks, coffee at the refreshment units run by Shrine Board at viewpoints. 
There are 3 viewpoints. Most hotels offer good vegetarian foods. Rajma chawal is available in the hotels of the katara market.

Way to Mata Vaishno Devi Bhawan.

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Earlier there was only 1 route to Bhawan but now there are several roots now. The new roots cut the distance short and make the journey hassle-free. But As you chant Mata’s name, the journey becomes easier.

The old holy track is the route from Katra to Bhawan. Trekkers cover a 13 km distance to reach the destination. In the old-time, the single route to the temple was unpaved, dirty, with sharp turns. 
These made the path uncomfortable for tourists. Later it got a better look. Now there are paved, wide roads covered with tiles. There are sheds under the sun. 
There are music systems that play spiritual songs, hymns. Pilgrims get carried away with positive vibes. There are fecilities like proper lighting, toilets, drinking water. These will make the journey comfortable.

There is another root that is 500 meters shorter. Ponies are not allowed in this route. It starts at Indraprastha Point and ends prior to Bhavan. Electric vehicles run here.

The latest root cuts your journey short from 13 km to 7 km only. The new root has medical units. It is featured with non-skid tiles.
Water ATM across the path makes the journey hassle-free. Take any of the roots. Pilgrims get the first glimpse of the temple a few kilometers before they reach there.



Vaishno 2BDevi 2BTemple 2BView

According to legends, While goddess Durga was busy fighting asuras in the battleground, 3 of her manifested forms Maha Kali, Maha Laxmi, and Saraswati got united and pooled their collective power.

Thus a vivid bright light created from the place where the spiritual strength of the 3 goddesses created a beautiful girl. She asked them- ‘what is the purpose of her being?’ She was answered that she is created so that she lives on the earth with a purpose to uphold righteousness. 

That girl took birth in the house of devotee Ratnakar and his wife as their daughter Vaishnavi. She grew up meditating for her soul purpose and was destined to merge with Lord Vishnu once done her earthly duty. 

Meanwhile, Lord Rama during his 14 years of exile visited Vaishnavi’s place which was in south India. Vaishnavi recognized him immediately. But Rama promised her to come again only after his victory over Ravana. But the second time, she failed to recognize him. 

Rama told during Kaliyug when he will appear as Lord Kalki, that would be the right time to being one with him. She was advised to meditate till then in an ashrama on Trikuta Hills. 

The place was determined to elevate the level of her spiritual grace and shower blessings on mankind. Her glory is spread far wide and people started to visit her ashram to seek blessings. However, she had to settle at the holy cave Shrine where the temple is situated now. 

She was chased by Bhairon Nath, who was mesmerized by her beauty and wanted to marry her. He eventually was killed by her. 

He asked for forgiveness post-death and Vaishnavi grants him a boon that devotees shall have to get a darshan of Bhairon after the darshan of the goddess. Only thus the pilgrimage would be complete.

Final thought.

This place is amazing and has major importance from the mythological perspective of Hinduism. Besides that, the geographical location is equally fascinating.
Every travel enthusiast especially the spiritual ones would visit Mata Vaishno Devi’s temple at least once in their lifetime.
We hope our article enriches your understanding of the above topic. Stay connected for more such travel updates and guides. Share your views by a quick comment below. Have a safe and happy journey.

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