Kamakhya Devi Temple Tourist Guide

Kamakhya Devi Temple Tourist Guide.

About the temple.

The iconic Kamakhya temple is an iconic landmark at Assam, Guwahati. This is one of the oldest spiritual tourists attraction in northeast India.
This place and the temple have mythological importance in Hinduism. Back in the 8th century.
The Kamakhya temple was established and dedicated to maaKamakshya. An incarnation of Devi Parvati.
This temple is situated at the top of the Nilachalparvat. Another name of Nilachalparvat is kamgiri. 
This religious landmark is a majorly popular tourist destination for pilgrims. The sacred place in the heart of Assam’s capital Guwahati holds more than you can have at a glimpse of your eyes! The Shakta community people among Hindus relate with this place with Shiv Puran. 
According to mythological tales, this Shakti Pith is the place where Sati’s yoni or genital part of her body had fallen when Lord Vishnu cut her into pieces after her soul left the body. 
Sati took her life at Yagna arranged by her father Daksha. Lord Shiv flew into a rage and punished him by replacing his head with that of a goat. Shiva did a tandava dance picking up Satis’s body. 
He did not suppose to stop! Then Vishnu Ji came into action. Each place wherever any of Sati’s body part had fallen is now considered as Shakti Pith. There are 51 Shakti Pithas in India.

Inside the temple

Kamakhya temple is situated a few kilometers away from the Rail station of Guwahati and 133 Kilometers from the Guwahati Bus stand.
It stays open for guests consistently. In 1665, Raja Nara Narayan of Cooch Bihar rebuilt the temple the year 1665. Prior to that, this temple faced destruction by foreign invaders. 
It consists of 7 oval spires. Every spire topped by 3 golden pitchers. The entrance spirals go down to the curvy path. This path is linked to the main road to the temple. Some of the temple sculptures make patterns of Tortoises, monkeys, and other animals.
There are 4 chambers and 1 garbhagriha in the temple. The garbhagriha is a cave under the ground that is home to a rock fissure. There are 3 mandaps or outdoor halls named Kalanta, Pancharatna, and Natmandir.
The current design of the sanctuary has been worked by the Ahom rulers.Shikara or Spire is a classic feature. It looks like a bee-hive of sculpted panels & images of Hindu deities.


Kamakhya Devi Temple Tourist Guide

That’s so unique.

You get to see many pigeons here who have made the temple their home. They loiter around the temple premise. The cryptic and calm, peaceful ambiance around the temple is a soul-soothing experience to feel in a lifetime. 
Visitors may find their way to inner salvation being here. The Kamakhya temple with its enigmatic, picturesque locale stands for one of the most mesmerizing architects in Assam as well as in India. 
Kamakshya temple is unique as itself! Till today many people in India find it taboo to talk openly about menstruation. This only temple celebrates the matter.Kamakhya Devi is venerated as the bleeding goddess.
TheGarbhagriha (sanctum) is believed to be the mythical womb and vagina of Sati. Every year in the month of Ashaad (June) the water of Brahmaputra river turns red. 
The goddess is believed to have her menstruation during that time. Every day from 5:30 am to 10:00 pm the temple remains open. 

There is no entry fee. All are allowed to visit.

Other places to visit near Kamakhsya temple.

There are some other major tourist attractions that you can cover during your Assam visit. Bhubaneswari Temple, PurvaTirupati Shri Balaji temple, Bashistha temple, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Alfresco Grand, Saraighat Bridge, Fancy Bazar, ISCON temple Guwahati, Brahmaputra Cruise, Brahmaputra River, Deepor Beel wildlife sanctuary, the bank of Brahmaputra river are worth visiting.
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How to reach

The gateway of North East India is Guwahati. This huge city is spread across a wide area. The Assam State Transportation Corporation manages the links of all kinds of traffic. Bus prices are cheap (ranges from 15-50 rs).
The charges are determined by kilometers. In case of religious tour, you can get 50% off under Dharmajyoti. Uber does not provide service in Assam. Only OLA cabs are available besides other public transport. 
You can take a water ride to feel the bliss of Brahmaputra river. The Bashistha temple is situated at the middle of the river.

Where to stay.

You can book a hotel, a guest house, or a lodge as per your budget. There are many places to stay available at different prices. 
There are some renowned websites that offer you a wide range of hotels. Make my tripOYOExpedia, Booking.com  TripadvisorGoibibo  fabHotels,  are some of the amazing websites where you can visit and chose a favorable place to stay.

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