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About The Majuli Island

Majuli shrugs as the river around him grows. The island is made up of the Brahmaputra River in the south and the Kherkutia Xuti, the Brahmaputra population, connected to the Subansiri River in the north.

Majuli Island is the world’s largest river island in the heart of Assam in the turbulent waters of the Brahmaputra River.


The catastrophic flood, which occurred about 1750, seems to have diverted part of the Brahmaputra flow along the Dihing canal about 120 miles [190 km] from the confluence. At the confluence of the two rivers, the intertwined plateau forms Major Island.

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Popular places near the Majuli island

Dakhinpat Satra Majuli

Dakhinpat Satra is one of the most popular social and religious centers in Majuli, an island in Assam. It was built by a Vamshigopal student. It is an important center of art and culture that displays a variety of sculptures, paintings, and dances and is protected by the kings of the Ahom dynasty.

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Molai Forest Reserve

The Molai Forest is a forest on the island of Majuli on the Brahmaputra River near Kokilamukh and the same located in Jorhat region of Assam, India. It is named after Jadav Payeng, an Indian.

Nimati Ghat

Nimati Ghat As one of the most important ports in the state, Nimati ghat serves as a link between boating boats that run from the river port to Majuli Island, Kamalabari and Auniati.

Sri Sri Auniati Satra

The Auniati Satra was founded in Majuli in 1653 AD by Ahom King Sutamla. He has given the name Jayaddhaja Singha after discovering the Hindu religion (Vaishnava) from the first Satradhikar of the Auniati Satra Sri Sri Niranjan Deva. 

King Jayaddhaja Singha has given the earth 81,650 bighas in two different categories namely Devotra and Brohmotra which is to be maintained and maintained by Satra.Sri Sri Auniati Satra holds a high position among the various Satamic Satras in the eyes of Ahom Kings.

The slightly higher Majuli land, where Satra was founded, was inhabited by Auni Paan (a type of betel creeper). Ati means high place. There came the name Auniati Satra.

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Uttar Kamalabari Satra

Kamalabari Satra is the most important and most famous place in Majuli. The largest river island is known as the neo-Vaishavinism center in Assam which was promoted by Srimanta Sankardeva. The word ‘Kamalabari means orange garden in Assamese. ‘Kamalabari’ means orange garden in Assamese.

Mokha Satra and Samaguri Satra

Samaguri Satra is famous for making a mask, and always carries the flag of the Mukha-Samskriti element of the Neo-Vaishnavism of Majuli. No wonder the walls of the room I was in were all covered with masks – heads of Hanuman and Ravana, Surpanakha and Jatayu, and many others.

How to Reach Majuli Island


Jorhat is the nearest field to Majuli. It’s connected to some of the major domestic airfields. There are ferries to take you to Majuli.

By Boat

Majuli can only be reached by a ferry lift. There are 2 ferry lifts to reach Majuli. The 1st lift takes an hour and 2nd lift takes 10-15 twinkles to reach Majuli.


Jorhat is the nearest road linked with Majuli. The ASTC motorcars work on a regular base to ply a decent service to the callers.

What Is The Right Time To Visit Majuli Island Assam

The Perfect time to travel to Majuli thus will be either in spring, or during the late autumn and early winter.

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Weather of the Majuli Island Assam 

The island of Majuli has a tropical climate, as is found in other parts of Assam. The most common climates here are similar to those in northeastern India, Nepal. Summers are often hot and humid. The average annual rainfall in this area is about 215 cm.

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