Indian Most Visited Place – Kerala | 8 Most Beautiful Places in Kerala

About The Kerala

Kerala is a southern Indian state known as a tropical paradise with its wide sandy beaches and beaches. It is a small strip of coastal garden that descends below the Western Ghats where lush green vegetation flows, and it reaches the Arabian Sea and Kerala is well-known for its beautiful lakes, tourist attractions, spectacular scenery, beautiful beaches, and mouth-watering cuisine.


Kerala is a tourist attraction, sunny beaches, famous lakes, lowland hill stations, roaring waterfalls, lush vegetation, large tea and spice gardens and large coconut gardens that provide a wonderful experience for visitors. There are many ways are there to enjoy the beauty of Kerala.

God’s land, Kerala, is believed to be the gift of the Arabian Sea. The pride of Kerala is beautiful and unusual beaches, breathtaking hill stations, lovely waterfalls, scenic lakes, breathtaking rivers and amazing natural scenery. Those colors have been made by Kerala as a land of beauty and paradise on earth.

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Indian Most Visited Place – Kerala is very different from all other states in India. It has 600km of Arabian Sea Shoreline. Kerala has a lot of green spaces and water in the background.

Climate of Kerala

Kerala, located in a tropical region, is largely dependent on the type of tropical climate found in the world’s rain forests. dry climate. Kerala receives an average annual rainfall of 3107 mm – another 7,030 crore m3 of water.

The average annual rainfall is quite high compared to other provinces in India. The state basically enjoys 4 types of climate such as winter, summer, South West Monsoon and North East Monsoon. In Kerala the winter solstice begins when the northeast rains end.

Culture of Kerala

Kerala culture evolved through the Sanskritization of Dravidian ethos, the revival of religious movements and the reversal of the racist movement of the people of the class. Kerala presents a unique culture of its own built through accommodation, the addition and development of various life skills.

Famous Festival of Kerala

Onam is a very important and popular festival in Kerala. Onam is celebrated with great pride and enthusiasm. Onam is also called Thiruonam and is celebrated earlier this month by Chingam of the Malayalam calendar.

Most Beautiful Places in Kerala


Munnar is Top Station, Lakkam Waterfalls, Echo Point, Tea Estates, Te Museum, Eravikulam National Park, Attukad Waterfalls, Blossom Park, Mattupetty Dam, Lake Kundala, Pothamedu View Point, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and many more.

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Alappuzha Located about 53 kilometers from Cochin, the city is celebrated with its backwaters connecting Cochin with Kumarakom North. In addition to lakes and the sea, Alleppey is also famous for its endless temples, snake-canals, colorful lakes, rice fields, and a 150-year-old lighthouse.


Kochi lakes have many lakes and lakes on the shores of the Arabian Sea (known as Malabar Coast) in the state of Kerala in southern India.In Cochin, an area from Kochi Azhi to Munambam Azhi, cool lakes are popularly known as Veeranpuzha.


The village of Kovalam is famous for its three pristine beaches with lush blue sea water and a vast rocky outcrop. Like the coconut trees lined up to adorn the village, Kovalam is also affectionately known as “the coconut tree.


Trissur (formerly Trichur) is a town in the state of Kerala in the heart of the country. Trissur is known as the cultural capital of Kerala, and the land of the Poorams. The region is known for its ancient temples, churches, and churches. Thrissur Pooram is a colorful temple ceremony in Kerala.


Kollam is Located near Aryankavu Panchayath in Kollam district in Kerala, the waterfall is a part of the Achankovil River. Kumbhavurutty Falls tops the list of the most beautiful and majestic waterfalls in Kerala.


A trip to the hiking trails of Durban quickly brings to mind the majestic elephants and fearsome tigers that roam the pristine rivers at the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, the rafting and boat trips to the Periyar lake, the aromatic fields and the fragrant gardens of tea, coffee and cardamom, chains.


With an endless line of lush green slopes, spectacular canyons and winding crevices, Vagamon is set at an altitude of 12,000 feet [1200 m] above sea level covered with green tea gardens, fresh air, pine forest layers, small cascades, and attractive knolls.

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