Dimapur Nagaland Tourist Place | Weather, Temperature Guide

Dimapur Nagaland Tourist Place, with its rich cultural heritage and awesome natural beauty, attracts many visitors every year. Dimapur in Nagaland is located at the heart of India and as it’s nearest neighbour to Myanmar, it also serves as an important entry point into the country.


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Dimapur Nagaland Tourist Place

If you are thinking of planning a trip to Dimapur Nagaland, here are some reasons why you should visit this beautiful place at least once in your lifetime…

The border between Assam and Nagaland is 200 miles long, and has three major gateways: Diphu in Assam and Moreh (in Manipur) and Kohima in Nagaland. These are a few of my favourite places.

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Best Place for family trip in Dimapur.

The best places to visit in Dimapur will depend on your interests. From ancient Buddhist structures, relics and rock paintings, you can spend your time learning about one of India’s oldest civilizations. If temples are more your thing, visit Tsunami Mahadev Temple for a feel of Hinduism as well as Bhawnath Temple and Radha Krishna Temple which show off fascinating architecture from all over India. Need some fresh air? Head down to Garamur (Elephant) Falls or take a boat trip on Tizu Lake where you can spot local wildlife like monkeys, deer and exotic birds.

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Introduction of Dimapur in short.

Nagaland is one of 27 states of India. Occupying an area of 16,579 square kilometres (6,406 sq mi), it is located in Eastern India. As per 2011 census of India, 31 districts (zilas) and 1,354 villages are there. In 1888 all Naga Hills Districts came under control of British East-India Company and in 1905 North East Frontier Tract was created by British Imperial Government .The capital city is Kohima which is also known as Scotland of east .It was very famous for gemstone business and turquoise mines

Dimapur Nagaland Tourist Place

Market Place in Dimapur

Dimapur is a busy market hub where all commodities of daily use are available. Dimapur has many small shops and malls but it also has major markets where food, clothes, computer goods and other necessary items are sold. Besides these important products, Dimapur is famous for agriculture and horticulture. Its rich rain-fed soil is ideal for cultivating crops such as rice, sugarcane, arum (West African vegetable), bamboo shoot etc. The city is surrounded by hills with many medicinal plants like shikakai tree etc., which make pharmaceuticals in large quantities including herbal medicines. Almost 70% of India’s export quality oranges come from here.

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Unique Views of Dimapur

Dimapur is a beautiful city in Northeastern India with scenic views of rolling hills and a huge lake. The town has plenty of attractions to keep travelers busy, but there is one that stands out: an open-air market offering local wares and handicrafts. In fact, it’s so well-known that it was declared as a tourist attraction by Lonely Planet. If you find yourself in town, don’t miss a trip through Panthoibi Bazaar.


Hotel in Dimapur.

The tourist place that you can visit in your trip to Dimapur is Hotel Jade Harmony. This place has been a popular name among tourists and travellers for years. A lot of people are looking for accommodation at a hotel with affordable price and quality services. That is why they stay at hotels such as Jade Harmony. It offers a friendly atmosphere where they can really relax and enjoy their stay in peace. When you want to go out on vacation or maybe just a getaway, there is no better than Dimapur, so make sure you go here as often as possible by staying at great hotels such as Hotel Jade Harmony..


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Dimapur Nagaland Tourist Place

Weather in Dimapur 

The weather in Dimapur is unpredictable, November to march of every month with no defined dry or wet season. But don’t let that deter you from visiting: Even when it’s hot and humid, there are still plenty of things to do around town—like visit one of its many waterfalls. Otherwise, keep a shirt and some sunscreen in your backpack; it’s likely you won’t need either on your way there, but could use them on your way back.


Food item in Dimapur 

As you probably know, dimsums are dumplings popular in Chinese cuisine. But you might not have known that Dimapur is famous for a variety of dimsums called magi. These tiny, thin-skinned chicken-based dumplings are cooked with chillies and cumin seeds before being steamed. The result is crunchy, delicious, fragrant dimsums perfect for eating with tea at any time of day. Locals say it’s best to eat them as early in the morning as possible; that way, you’ll get to witness traditional food vendors walking around villages selling freshly cooked treats straight off their carts! Each one comes wrapped in a banana leaf or papery cone and each costs just 10 rupees – an absolute bargain!


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Transport in Dimapur

For domestic air transport, Dimapur has an airport with regular flights connecting it to Kolkata, New Delhi and Guwahati. Travelers can hire cabs or jeeps from these airports. There are regular buses from Nagaland’s capital Kohima that take tourists around Dimapur and also to adjoining areas like Zunheboto, Chumukedima, Aonglenden etc. at fixed timetables. City buses are also available that help passengers travel within urban areas. A city bus service helps passengers move around Dimapur via green public vehicles with low fares compared to taxis in addition to giving them a chance for more interaction with locals and a glimpse of local culture too!

Airport of Dimapur

In Dimapur, there is a local airport which is called Loktak Airstrip. It’s located on the southern side of Dimapur and nearly 20 km from the main market area of Dimapur. You can reach here by hiring a taxi or taking a bus. The nearest airport from here is at Guwahati. From Guwahati, you can take an early morning flight and reach here in three hours at most.

Railway station of Dimapur

Dimapur Railway Station is a railway station on Lumding-Dibrugarh section. It is located at Lumre in Dimapur district in the Indian state of Nagaland and serves Dimapur and its surrounding areas. The station consists of two platforms. The platforms are not well sheltered. It lacks many facilities including water and sanitation. There is no proper approach road to this station.

Dimapur Nagaland Tourist Place

Dimapur is a place covered with mountain. so it make a beautiful view for you and also for your family.


Clean and green city Dimapur

It is said that Dimapur is one of India’s cleanest cities. Dimapur has been bestowed with many national and international awards, recognizing its cleanliness, vast green areas and excellent civic services. A number of historical sites, museums and parks make it a fascinating tourist destination. The pine groves in various parts of town allow tourists to enjoy amazing views of nature without leaving a polluted city center. Given that it’s surrounded by forests on all sides, it’s no surprise that many people come here for trekking tours.