Best Place to Visit in Udupi | 10 Most Beautiful Places in Udupi

Best Place to Visit in Udupi

If you planning to visit Udupi and searching for the best places to visit then your search ends here because we are going to Explain about Top 10 places to visit in Udupi today. Hey, guys welcome to World Place Tourist.

Before we Jump into our list, let me brief you about Udupi. Udupi is a seaside area in Karnataka, famous for Sri Krishna sanctuary, sea shores, instructive foundations, monetary establishments, and delectable food. Udupi is transforming into a hot traveler objective recently. This spot offers you such a lot of that you will most likely be unable to cover everything in a solitary visit. Plan you visit when the ocean is calm and the weather is pleasant As Udupi is a coastal region I would suggest you to avoid the Summers and peak monsoon. The Right time to visit Udupi would be from October to January.Let’s Jump deep into our list of Top 10 places to visit in Udupi.


10 Most Beautiful Places in Udupi

St. Mary’s Island

This St. Mary’s island is the most trending tourist attraction of Udupi. A set of four small islands floating in the Arabian sea is nothing less than a hidden gem. It is a perfect place for an offbeat day out from Udupi. If you are visiting Udupi then st. mary’s island should be on the top of your list. The island is around 8 km from Udupi and can be reached only by taking a cruise ride or hopping onto one of the speed boats from Malpe beach.

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The boat ride would cost you around 250 to 400 rs per head depending on what kind of board service you are taking. Once you step on the island the first thing you will observe is the blue ocean, clean beach, and crystal clear water. As you stroll around you start seeing hundreds of coconut trees which add scenic beauty to the place. The hexagonal black rocks here are unique and guaranteed to impress you.

You can walk on those rocks and take some amazing photos. If you have time then you can also enjoy the water sports activity here. I would suggest you visit the island around 3-5 pm so that you can witness mesmerizing sunset while on the way back to Malpe Beach.

St. Marys Island

Sri Krishana Matha

Sri Krishana Matha is the heart of Udupi, People from different parts of the world visit this temple to catch a glimpse of Lord Krishna. One of the most unique features about Sri Krishna temple is that the idol of Lord Krishna is worshiped through Navagraha Kitiki.

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If you have heard about Kanakadasa then you probably know the reason behind worshiping Lord through the window. The temple would be open from 6 am till 9 pm. It will take around from 30 minutes to 2 hours for the darshana of Lord Krishna on a normal day. Including Krishna mutt, there are a total of eight mathas in the premises collectively known as Astha Mathas. Take your time and explore other temples in the premises.

Sri Krishana Matha

Kodi Bengre beach or delta point

Next on the list, we have Kodi Bengre beach also known as the delta point. If the sun, sand, seafood, and surfing are on your list then head to Kodi Bengre Beach on the Konkan coastline. A lesser-known beach in the fishing village – Kodi Bengre is just 17 km from Udupi.

Kodi bengre is an estuary, this is the point where the river Suvarna merges with the Arabian sea Kodi Bengre distances itself away from the rest of the world, making it a hotspot among solo Travelers and Photographers.

The drive to Kodi Bengre itself is enjoyable. When driving from delta beach to Kodi bengre, you will pass through a beautiful stretch covered with tall coconut trees on either side. You will be treated with the river on one side and the sea on the other.

Once you reach the Kodi Bengre, you can see the beautiful beach with white sand and clear water. You can take a dip in the water, walk on the beach, play your favorite game or just watch the sunset.

When you are in Kodi bengre one thing that you should not miss is the food at Aruna’s Shack. This place is recommended by locals and tourists alike. Kori roti with chicken curry, fish fry, and fresh toddy is a must here. You will get all types of freshly prepared seafood that are delicious.

Kodi Bengre beach

Malpe Beach

On number 4 we have one of the most popular beaches in Udupi, the Malpe beach. This is an important port and a fishing harbor in the state of Karnataka. Located at a distance of about 6 km from Udupi, Malpe beach has very good road connectivity.

The endless stretch of golden sand, palm trees, clear blue sky, and a lively beach, set a perfect mood for a day out with your loved ones. Malpe beach is one of the most happening and the most crowded beaches in Udupi.

If you are looking for water sports then you will be thrilled to enjoy numerous water sports activities like speed boating, para sailing, banana ride, and jet skiing here. If you are looking for a place to spend time with your family then this is a perfect place to be. But if you don’t like crowded places then you should better stay away from malpe beach.

Another great attraction in Malpe beach is the sea walk. This 450 feet long sea walk is the state’s first sea walk inaugurated in 2018. You will feel close to nature when you walk on the sea walk.

Malpe Beach

Kemmannu Hanging Bridge

On the number 5 we have Kemmannu Hanging Bridge Build-in 1991, Kemmannu Bridge is a suspension bridge with a length of about 250 feet. This hanging bridge is constructed on the Suvarna River and connects the mainland to one of the islands known as Thimmana Kudru. People who live on this island use this bridge for their daily commute, they even take two-wheelers on this bridge.

Walking on the bridge can give you some thrills, you will feel like the bridge is going to break and you will be thrown into the water. But don’t worry it’s really strong bridge. Apart from walking on this beautiful bridge,

You can also try Kayaking here It would generally cost around Rs. 50 per head for 15 minutes. Kayaking is definitely a must-do thing at this place You will be treated with green surroundings all around you which helps you feel nature more closely.

Kemmannu Hanging Bridge

Kapu beach or Kaup Beach

On the number 6 we have Kapu beach also called as Kaup Beach Kaup is situated at a distance of 12km from south of Udupi. Kaup beach is Very Much known for its pristine environment and pleasant atmosphere. The area of the ocean side is completely covered with green plants and bushes.

The cool breeze on the white sandy ocean side is exactly what you want to revive your brain and ease yourself from sleepiness. This is the reason why Kaup beach, one of the most preferred destinations for families and friends to spend a relaxed time. Century-old, 130 feet tall lighthouse on the shore adds beauty to the place.

The lighthouse is accessible to the public. The panoromic view from the top of the lighthouse is breathtaking The beach also has numerous shacks and eateries which serve the local cuisine.

Kapu beach

Maravanthe beach

On the number 7 we have Maravanthe beach. Maravanthe is a uniquely positioned beach in Coastal Karnataka with the Arabian Sea on one side and the Souparnika river on the other. This extraordinary mix of ocean and stream on each side of a parkway is elusive somewhere else and is supposed to be the only one in India.

The golden sand, clear sky, palm trees, and the endless shore makes Maravanthe an attractive tourist destination. The beach is just 55 km from Udupi, so if you’re planning to visit then taking NH-66 will be the best idea which will take you straight to the beach.

Maravanthe beach

Hasta Shilpa village

On the number 8 we have Hasta Shilpa village. Hasta Shilpa is an open-air museum that aims to preserve the traditional homes and artifacts of the coastal Karnataka region. Today, this museum, is spread across 6 acres and it has restored around 30 traditional buildings for people to experience.

It offers a fascinating glimpse of coastal Karnataka’s history and architecture. It is ideal to visit Hasta Shilpa Village on weekdays since there won’t be much crowd. You can either investigate the gallery yourself or get a manual for walk you through everything for an extra expense.

Hasta Shilpa village

Saligrama Wooden Bridge

On the number 9 we have Saligrama Wooden Bridge. It is a beautiful bridge constructed over a small stream near Saligrama in Udupi. This bridge is around 24 km from Udupi and can be reached only by private vehicles. There is no public transport facility available to reach this place.

The bridge is used by the locals for crossing the river. As this is not a well-known tourist attraction, you will hardly see any crowd here. This is one of the best places for a break from the concrete jungle and city lights.

Saligrama Wooden Bridge


Last on the list, we have Manipal ! Famous for its education, Manipal is one of the most happening places near Udupi. Although Manipal is not a tourist destination, It is worth visiting this beautiful campus town to cherish your college days. It’s Just 6 km from Udupi, Manipal can be easily reached by private vehicle or public transport.

You can find dozens of restaurants, pubs, and food joints to explore here. You can take a walk in the campus to relive your college days. One can enjoy the nightlife and young crowd here.

That was my list of top 10 places to visit in Udupi. Let me know what is your favorite place in Udupi in the comment section below.

If you are creative then you can get some amazing photos for your Instagram or other social media platforms here you will not find any water or food facility here. So better carry water and food accordingly.

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